Durham Lifting Launches Multi-Sec, the most cost effective and practical solution to your lifting requirements

Based in the UK, Durham Lifting are a leading designer and manufacturer of lifting equipment. We pride ourselves on our conceptual, innovative and creative thinking, our understanding of our client and industry needs and our excellence of service.

Whether you are lifting 1 tonne or 4000 tonne our team work with you to provide the most cost effective, practical and safe solution to all your lifting requirements.

Multi-Sec modular spreader beams provide the ideal solution for an array of lifting solutions. Versatile and cost effective, the range offers a wide variety of spans, configurations and capacities to suit your specific lifting application.

The range is designed and manufactured in the UK in accordance with relevant standards. Durham Lifting Multi-Sec modular spreader assemblies for up to 250Te are in stock and available for worldwide distribution. Other sizes are available upon request.

Benefits of the Multi-Sec range

  • Cost effectiveOnly a small number of components are required to make up a variety of spans and configurations.
  • VersatileMulti-Sec can be configured into virtually any lifting rig to enable the most complicated of structures to be lifted.
  • StorageMulti-Sec can be dismantled and stored in a relatively small area saving valuable space.
  • HandlingMulti-Sec are able to be handled more easily than conventional fixed spreader beams.
  • TransportMulti-Sec can be shipped in component form, therefore a smaller, more cost effective vehicle can be used for transportation.
  • High lift capacity to size ratioRelatively small modular lifting beams can lift high loads compared with fixed lifting beam configurations.

To find out more about Durham Lifting go to www.durhamlifting.co.uk

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