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Our strategy is based upon a highly proactive approach to identifying opportunities here in the UK and internationally for our members and then to work with our members to help them secure a share of these opportunities accross the energy sector.


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NOF Energy’s main objective is helping Members win work by identifying business opportunities in the UK and internationally.  The key to achieving this objective is our unique pro-active approach to business development that ensures our services remain relevant to Members’ needs.

Every three years the NOF Energy Board undertakes a strategic review of the business aimed at ensuring all our activities are working in the best interests of our Members. The 2016 review was extremely timely in view of the difficulties being experienced right across the global energy industry.
Central to our strategy since 2006 has been diversification into other energy sectors; this will continue for the foreseeable future.  This approach is consistent with Members’ own diversification strategies.

Over the next five years we will delve more deeply into oil and gas, our core sector, to identify in upstream key opportunity areas such as operations & maintenance and decommissioning.  We will also explore opportunities in both midstream and downstream looking at the LNG/FLNG, pipelines refineries, petrochemicals, onshore plants and terminals.
The increasing importance of gas in the energy mix figured largely during our strategy review.  With this in mind we will keep a watching brief on the shale gas sector.

The Power, Transmission and Distribution will also now provide a focus as we feel there are significant opportunities in this sector through the transfer of existing skills and expertise.

NOF Energy has been active in the nuclear sector since 2007.  We will continue to look for opportunities presented by new build, decommissioning and lifetime extension.  Looking forward we will study closely the development of the Small Modular Nuclear Reactor (SMR) market and what this may mean for the UK energy supply chain.

Although offshore wind has yet to fulfil its potential there are clear signs that over the next few years it will play an increasing part in a balanced energy mix with Operations & Maintenance likely to provide the biggest prize for the UK energy supply chain.  In addition to offshore wind we will look at wave & tidal and tidal lagoon to highlight key business opportunity areas.

NOF Energy has developed a strong international offering over the last 25 years; taking companies overseas, hosting inward buyers to the UK and arranging country themed events where members can learn more about overseas markets.  We have also created an effective forum for members exporting to network and exchange valuable information and knowledge on key markets.

Our focus in 2016 and 2017 will be the UAE as this was highlighted as being the number one priority area for members in our latest survey, however, activities will also be undertaken on other export markets as and when opportunities arise.

The NOF Energy Board and team remain committed to delivering real value for money and a positive return on investment for membership.  Our strategy going forward will guide members in the right direction to where the opportunities exist in the different sectors and our hands on, practical support will ensure members are able to position their business and make contact with the right clients to seize the opportunities presented. The Directors are confident that our business development services will remain valuable to Members as they have resulted in members winning a considerable amount of additional business through our support in recent years.


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